The custom t-shirt business has changed and GROWN since the idea for this course was first developed!

We’ve seen some customers start with custom t-shirts, refine their marketing and sales strategies, then branch out into very profitable promotional products.

Some of our graduates sell more in custom signs and awards than in tees.

Many have chosen one technology, like embroidery or direct to garment printing, and have added more over time. Those people have discovered the secret – that the more you can offer to your customers, the more opportunities they have to buy from you.

The embroidered polo buyer probably needs caps. The lawn care company that buys logo tees will need yard signs. And your personal brand may start with t-shirt prints, but expand into many, many other areas.

Keep that in mind while you go through the course!

– Mark

PS. We’re up to well over 32,000 business we’ve helped as of 2020!

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