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How To Start A Custom T-Shirt Business

Printing, Embroidery and Bling

Jumpstart Your Business with CAS Courses

How to Start a Custom T-Shirt Business

Learn how to start a custom t-shirt business from scratch in this 5 Star Course.

GIMP T-Shirt Design Course

Learn EXACTLY what you need to know to make high impact, profitable t-shirt designs using GIMP – a free graphics application with all the tools you need for t-shirt design.

The interface has been updated since course publication, but all of the same tools are still there and the techniques taught definitely still apply! 

Very informative and good. Great Resource.

Excellent information for the beginner or anyone interested in getting into this type of market! The instructor did an excellent job explaining in detail all the information and options available. Highly recommend this course!

Brandy G

Tons of useful information

Delivered at a nice pace (not too fast or generic) to be able to understand and apply.

Jean P

Very Informative…easy show and put into practice training, and real business examples.

All the basic information needed to start a T-shirt business but with more in-depth details regarding niche, price math, marketing strategies and tools of the trade taught by very knowledgeable, professional instructors and pros…

Ruthy V

There is a lot of great information packed in this course

I have spent months researching for answers to questions on getting started in the business are all here in a well-organized course!

Donna D

I've been sitting here, taking copious notes, asking myself, "Why didn't I know this?"

“Why haven’t I been doing this? I should have been doing this from the start!” So much useful, EASY TO IMPLEMENT information. The thing about the videos is that they are bite-sized – If I had things to do, I could watch a few and it wasn’t hours…

Laura D

The lessons have been very informative.

I am learning a lot. I especially found the Google and Facebook lessons very helpful. I can’t wait to update my Facebook page.

Llorye F

It was a great course!

Very comprehensive, I learned a lot. Now I need to put this new knowledge to use 🙂

Patty C

The Custom Apparel Startups Podcast was started simply because we love both the apparel decorating business and the idea that almost anyone, with a small investment and a little dedication, cannot only start their own business but thrive!

Our goal in starting CAS is to help educate apparel entrepreneurs about the business of the business, something often overlooked by people with an idea and a budget, but no business plan or experience behind them. We’ll be talking to some of the biggest names in the apparel decorating industry about things that are interesting and useful for all of you.

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