You are in the right place.

  You’re in the right place if your brain is bursting with custom t-shirt ideas that you KNOW will sell. You’re in the right place if you can’t go to a store, or a mall, or look at decorated shirt or jacket and think “I could do that… better” If you’ve always wanted to work at creativity and not just work at WORK. You’re in the right place if you have paid for custom t-shirts and know how much profit there is built into custom t-shirt printing. And lastly, you’re in the RIGHT place if you know your READY to BE your own boss.


Learn What Equipment or Supplies to BUY and Which to AVOID!

You are ESPECIALLY in the right place if you’ve started looking at all the different printers, cutters, imagers, UV, dtg, screen printing, powders, inks, embroidery machines.  Let’s face it, if you’re new, you may not know how to pick the best one to fit your needs.  Worse, you may even be terrified to pick the WRONG one.

Don’t let your fears Rob you of your Dreams!

Maybe you already have equipment but don’t sell enough custom t-shirts to get by because you don’t know how to market them?  Or, maybe you have been selling other people’s custom t-shirts and are ready to do it yourself?  

What Inspired This Course?

This course was inspired by listening to tens of thousands of people. Some of them like you who want to start a business. Others already bought a custom t-shirt or embroidery equipment and were succeeding.  But mostly, it was inspired by all the poor souls who didn’t make it. Those who’s dreams soared high, and went far, but didn’t have the education backing them to keep them afloat. They failed because they had great ideas, but bought the wrong equipment, or followed the wrong advice, or believed the sales hype instead of putting in place the proper plans. They failed because they THOUGHT they were making money but didn’t understand how to price their shirts and what it really cost, so they were actually losing money. They failed, or are failing because they do amazing bling designs or hilarious custom shirt designs but never figured out how to get them in front of the people that would pay money for them. Some of them are failing now, and they don’t notice. They just never seem to get ahead and don’t stop to think about why.  

First, Let’s Be Real

Here’s the hard truth. The best design, the prettiest embroidery, the funniest slogan, the coolest logo doesn’t make the phone ring. Doesn’t make the orders come in.

What will make you successful in the personalized t-shirt printing business is:

  • finding the right market for your product

  • Better yet, finding the right markeSuccessfuleloping the perfectly placed product for it.

  • THEN finding the MOST profitable way to get that markets attention

Then doing all the paperwork, math, accounting and sourcing it takes to run a business that lasts. That’s what inspired this course.  

Don’t Fall Into This Trap!

A few months ago I spoke to a guy in a small town that started a t-shirt business with a t-shirt transfer printer. He was struggling to get his business off the ground and his printer was about to be repossessed. After he was finished blaming the equipment, the economy and his competition we uncovered the real reason he wasn’t successful. He was relying on 1 big customer and was only charging them $8/shirt. Losing money every order and wasting his precious time.


Successful T-Shirt Printing Companies Attract Success.

Let me tell you this too – talking to people that are succeeding is a rush. It’s an amazing feeling to get a call from someone MAKING it and excited about it, or growing so fast they need to add another embroidery machine or cutter, or direct to garment printer. I also spoke to someone in North Carolina recently with the exact same device, same cost to make each shirt, in another small town. This personalization t-shirt business was doing great, selling shirts for $15-20 each and wholesaling t-shirt transfers to others. He actually wanted to know if I’d mind if he made a YouTube video of how he does it. Last month 7 companies that had already gotten into the business came back to my company for bigger machines or to add another one.  

Here’s What YOU are going to learn

In this course, I’m giving you my own experience in 30 years of sales, marketing and entrepreneurship.  Plus, all these conversations with both successful and unsuccessful businesses. We’ll cover the “in the trenches” questions” that over 7,000 professionals in our Facebook Group have come up with through the years.  Add to that the 40 years our company has with getting people started in custom apparel. We’ve gathered up all the questions, and concerns from the custom t-shirt entrepreneurs that have come before you – and answered them quickly and correctly right here in one place. That’s what you’ll learn. How to succeed, and how not to fail.  

Ton’s of Variety In This Course

There’s going to be a wide mix of teaching methods in this course. You’re going to see the usual slideshows – but with important new content.  I’ll walk you through choosing a niche market using flowcharting software that makes it clear and easy to follow There’s actual video of different kinds of equipment running, and how they work. Have you ever listened to a podcast? One of the best Lectures is a podcast recording that’s an hour-long information-fest Downloads! There are some very valuable resources included like:  Where to buy blank shirts The business paperwork checklist   More…   Curriculum Highlights

  • How to find an active and PROFITABLE niche market
  • The Simple Plan – what you need to do to market your product and make money doing it
  • Selling Online – See how to set up a Shopify Store
  • NOT Selling Online – How to market your business locally
  • How to set up to get found on Google and Facebook for Free
  • What equipment you should buy with VIDEOS of how they work!
  • More…

Before you sign up You are NOT in the right place if you’re in business now and not successful, but you’re not willing to change what you do. This course is full of action steps. You have to do the work. If you’re not going to do the work, don’t bother paying for the course. If you are not comfortable on a computer. You don’t have to be DaVinci, in fact, there’s a Lecture on getting artwork done if you’re not an artist, but every custom apparel process uses a computer. If you can’t check your email without help, Maybe it’s best to take that course first 🙂

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