Episode 136 – Building a Winning Ad Strategy For Your Business

Sep 1, 2020

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Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

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  • How to create a winning ad strategy

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Episode 136 – Building a Winning Ad Strategy For Your Business

Show Notes

Step 1 – Choose your Niche
– Fitness Coaches & Personal Trainers
– Local Moms from pregnancy to toddler years
Step 2 – Build your Avatar
– Male – 25-45 – In shape, loves fitness, likes cool t-shirts, casual minded, wants to be independently wealthy. Has own business for personal training. Probably works out of a private gym and does some online coaching.
– Female – 20-30 – Small town mom, loves personalized things for her children, has a network of friends and family that support her and love her kids, loves to buy local, doesnt want to buy gifts from walmart but prefers something with a personal touch. Goes to local farmers markets every week, plus home parties for jewelry, apparel, etc
Now you are ready to build an ad campaign. Here are some steps on how to give yourself the biggest chance for success.
Why – Why would your avatar want this?
Where will your avatar see it? Where will you advertise? The question really is, where will you most likely be able to reach your Avatar. Do they use facebook? Do they attend local events? Are they likely to buy online?
What message will resonate? Time, Money, Image?
What images will they respond to? Will they respond to a cute design picture, a picture of the item itself or something else, like a video of it being made or picture of someone wearing logo apparel?
Call to Action (CTA) what will your avatar PREFER to do? What do you want them to do? Order a specific product online? Call for a consultation? Email you ideas? Email you to get ideas? BASED ON YOUR AVATAR
How will you measure success of your ad/campaign?
Once you have answered these questions you can move onto creating your ad campaign. So lets use the examples above. We will choose 2 completely different campaigns just as an example of how you could run these.
Fitness Coaches & Personal Trainers
What? You’d like to sell work out shirts to these personal trainers and also give them the opportunity to sell them to their clients for a profit. You can come up with cool designs he will like.
Where? Since your customer can be both in your own town and in the next state. You might choose to go the online route. You also think your avatar might use instagram, so you will choose this as the place to advertise.
Why? He already buys work out shirts. He already has clients. He wants to make more money, so selling shirts to these clients is great. Also if he has the coolest shirts in the gym, he might get more clients and sell more shirts.
Local Moms from pregnancy to toddler years
What? You’d like to offer everything customized for baby. clothes, hats, booties, bibs, strollers, carriers, towels, mugs, cups, stickers, etc
Where? These moms always meet up at the local farmers markets, sit and drink coffee and read the local community news.
Why? They love these personalized things. They also love to buy local, so they can introduce you to their family and friends to fully personalize their kiddos gear.
Mentioned in the Podcast: https://coldesi-graphics.com/
How to build the ad:
Fitness Coaches & Personal Trainers
1. Have a Facebook and instagram account to use.
2. Set up Facebook Business Manager to manage ads (yes thats how you will do Instagram)
3. Have a website and specifically a page on the site to send these guys to from an ad.
4. The page should have a specific call to action. If you want the shirts to be custom you can have them sign up for a free 1on1 design session. If you have designs made, then they can just order them online(maybe have a personal trainer wholesal e sign up)
5. Have good pics and videos of your shirts and people working out in them.
6. Write a few versions of the headline, what people will see below the insta ad.
7. Make sure your Facebook and website are connected to track users.
8. Set up an email flow so after people sign up/buy they get an email thanking them.
9. Set aside money to test and run ads, expect winners and losers.
Local Moms from pregnancy to toddler years
1. Get set up to attend the local market.
2. Have examples of your BEST work that they can envision themselves owning.
3. Have some little stuff to sell for fun. funny mom shirts or mugs, etc.
4. Be set up to take orders right there.
5. Be set up to get email sign ups right there.
6. Since they read the local news and drink coffee, put an ad there.
7. Have the add say to visit you at the market or just call/text you directly.
8. Offer something for free or of value in the add. This could be a coupon for logo, or $$ off, or free monogram. Or offer something worth time, like a free web consultation to plan gifts for baby shower.
9. Have great pictures of work in the add, pay someone to design the ad.
10. If you can run the ad before you start the market (coming soon!)
Using plans like this means you will be more likely to create a successful ad. More likely to grow within your niche.
AND don’t forget to have a plan set up for getting referrals.
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