Episode 135 – Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Aug 26, 2020

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

You Will Learn

  • How to identify your ideal customer
  • How to create customer avatar

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Episode 135 – Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Marketers are constantly talking about a “customer avatar”, which translates into normal English as your Ideal Customer.

Identifying that Ideal Customers is very similar to, and JUST as important as choosing a Niche Market, something we’ve devoted quite a few episodes to as well.

All you’re really doing here is creating an imaginary person. The one you’d most like to sell to. The one that will most respond to your products, your business and YOU.

Once you’ve created your ideal customer – right down to their name, their neighborhood, job, kids, marital status, income, etc. you’ll better know:

  • What your website should look like
  • What to say in your emails
  • The important things to highlight in your services
  • The products that most appeals to them
  • How much they can and will spend on your products
  • What images to use in your ads
  • The WAY you talk to them everywhere they see, here or read about your company

During this podcast you’ll here the great, real life example of a start up business that inspired Marc Vila to make this the topic, and how that is going to impact it’s future.

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As always, the Podcast is sponsored by ColDesi! http://coldesi.com

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