Episode 101 – Marketing Plan: Picking Your Niche

Jul 12, 2019

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

You Will Learn

  • How to pick a niche
  • Why niche market is important
  • How to grow your custom t-shirt business

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Episode 101 – Marketing Plan: Picking Your Niche

Show Notes

This is Part 1 of ”t-shirt business marketing plan” series and we talk about how to pick a niche that is going to be successful for your custom t-shirt business.

The action steps we share apply for people who are just getting started or are already in business and want to learn how to take advantage of other profitable niches and grow their business.

What is niching down?
– Outdoor Life
– Hunting
– Bow Hunting
– Female Bow Hunting
– Deer Bowhunting
– Geographical

Bow Hunting:
– FB – multiple groups with 5-10k+
– Reddit – 15k+
– Instagram – 1.6 million posts

Outdoor Life:
– Fishing
– Freshwater Fishing
– Noodling

– Youtube – numerous accounts with 100k + subscribers and videos with 100k views.
– Instagram – 37k posts with #
– Facebook – largest on FB 1400 – ding against the idea
– Reddit – no subreddit

How do you know it’s a good niche:

– Passionate community
– Big enough to support you
– Not over-served
– You have some affinity for (best if you’re a “member” but you definitely can’t hate it)
– Have money to spend
– Search online e.g. hashtag

Where do you find that information:

– Facebook Groups – search the large Market and look at Group Memberships and posts per day.
– Meetup.com and look at membership to Market Groups in different areas
– Conventions and Markets
– Reddit
– Instagram

Exercise: Big to Small Choosing your Niche – follow the logic down from Outdoor themes to Competition fly fishing or something

What to do once you choose:

Determine the vibe of the Group?

– Environmental
– Aggressive
– Political
– Funny
– Write down what gets the most attention
– Been there – Tournaments, places
– Tools – all about the equipment
– Mavens – who does everyone follow

Create Stock Designs to test

– Participate
– Ask for feedback “Hey all, working on some new shirt designs. -Which do you like best?”
– Share images if appropriate. like an Instagram hashtag or –Facebook group or Reddit post


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