5 Steps To Custom
Apparel Success

Definition: Custom Apparel Startups

Any Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Doer, Hoper, Planner, and Wannabe that wants to do more in life than just work their 9 to 5 J.O.B., and wants to make custom apparel a part making those wants and dreams come true.

We are t-shirt printers, artists, designers, embroiderers screen printers, bling makers, digitizers, gifters, marketers, crafters and promotional products producers.

We sell transfers and t-shirts, hoodies and pants, shorts and shoes, caps and sashes, towels and blankets – all customized or branded.

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We are Custom Apparel Startups, founders of the CASPodcast, CASWebinars, Custom Apparel Startups Facebook Group.

We are also ColDesi, Colman and Company, DigitalHeat FX, DTG, Avancé and more.

Our companies have helped people start custom t-shirt and embroidery businesses for over 50 years.

5 years ago we decided that just providing the hardware and software just wasn’t enough.

People needed to learn about the BUSINESS of running a customer t-shirt shop. They needed to know how to sell, how to price, how to get their business set up, where to buy blank shirts, what equipment and software are best… they need a place to talk business with people just like them, and they need a place to LEARN about business.

That’s why we started the CAS Podcast and the CAS Facebook Group. Now we have over 52 hours of business education in a podcast and over 8,000 Members talking business online every day.

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Listen to CAS podcasts… business tips, marketing, success stories and more.


Take a CAS Course designed specifically around the business of custom decorated apparel. Learn from industry experts, save yourself from making major errors that could cost your company time and money.

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Gather with like-minded people and share your projects, asks questions, find resources and help others. The CAS Facebook Group will be your destination place for having a second brain working for your company.

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