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CAS Mini Cast – LinkedIn [ How to set-up your profile]

Oct 28, 2019

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

You Will Learn

  • How to get business on LinkedIn
  • How to setup your profile

Resources & Links

CAS Mini Cast – LinkedIn [ How to set-up your profile]

Show Notes

If you are a custom apparel business looking for local or national business and you are doing word of mouth marketing then you should consider using LinkedIn.

Here’re some tips to improve your LinkedIn profile:

– Change the background image that represents what you do.
– Use a picture of yourself and not a logo.
– Use the tagline area to pitch your services.
– Use about section to pitch your company and explain exactly what is it that you offer.
– Highlight your past experiences and education.
– Ask people to recommend you and endorse your current skills.
– Join the groups and start a conversation with other people.

Look at LinkedIn as a mini website and an opportunity to market yourself and get new business.

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