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Episode 72 – Profit FIRST! Interview With Mike Michalowicz

May 2, 2018

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

Mike Michalowicz

You Will Learn

  • Why you’re thinking about your business and your income wrong
  • The most important thing your accountant cannot tell you about your business
  • The 3 Bank Accounts you HAVE to open
  • What taking the Profit First approach can do for your business

Resources & Links

Episode 72 – Profit FIRST! Interview With Mike Michalowicz

Show Notes

Profit First is the first real innovation in the financial approach to small business since QuickBooks.

That software may put accounting tools at your fingertips, it does nothing for helping you manage and really UNDERSTAND the money side of your business.

Profit First is a book, a method, a framework that does do that–helps you really understand where your money is, where it’s going and how to generate more of it for you.

During this interview with Profit First author Mike Michalowicz we’ll take you through what the profit first system is and how to apply it to the custom t-shirt business.


Watch the video below!

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