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Episode 71- The Story of BelQuette and Thinking Like an Inventor

May 2, 2018

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

Brett and Mark

You Will Learn

  • Why BelQuette joined forces with ColDesi and Colman and Company
  • How Mark and Brett started BelQuette

Resources & Links

Episode 71- The Story of BelQuette and Thinking Like an Inventor

Show Notes

Belquette DTG Printers have been a staple in the direct to garment printing industry from the very beginning of digital garment printing. But this episode isn’t about digital direct to garment printing – it’s about small business success and the Inventor’s Mindset.

During this podcast you’ll hear Brett Wiebel and Mark Momborquette, the founders of BelQuette DTG Printers tell their story.

A story that starts with working a full-time job together in manufacturing in Cincinati, OH. Of nights and weekends spent in the basement working on their vision. A story that starts with a trip to the mall to get a little girl’s fingernails done and ends with some of the most innovative products in the custom apparel business.
And we’ll discuss how building their business with an inventor’s mindset might just make your custom t-shirt or embroidery or sign business that much better.

BelQuette recently joined forces with ColDesi and Colman and Company after both competing in the digital direct to garment printer space AND collaborating on projects and ideas. BelQuette is widely respected in high volume, production oriented DTG businesses and help outfit the biggest online custom t-shirt sellers in the world with equipment… but not JUST equipment!

The BelQuette DTG Printer duo 2 of the very few people who actually engineer and invent new technology in this space. Their approach has always been to work with customers, watch processes and examine popular products used to make custom tees and find better ways to do it.

They’ve done this in the past by inventing the first printer with modular parts for better maintenance and repair, the only really TARGETED pre treatment system… oh, and a custom fingernail printing machine.. you’ve got to listen to Mark B’s story about how that started.

We discuss how Brett and Mark’s future in BelQuette Technologies means new products coming in the future and how they will continue to work with the biggest companies in the business on a variety of unique solutions.

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