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This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

You Will Learn

  • How to increase sales
  • How to get out there and get more customers

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Episode 7 – Sales – Simple Tips for Small Business and Startups

Small business owners and startups aren’t always experienced in sales. In this episode of Custom Apparel Startups, we discuss how to increase sales from people who are already buying from you, and also how to get out there and get more customers. Selling embroidery, t-shirts, and bling don’t have to be hard or intimidating if you take some of this simple tips and tricks to increase sales seriously.

Really this episode is for any small business who wants to increase sales. We often use apparel as our examples, but these tips apply to just about any business.

Have any comments or questions? Just contact us or comment and we are happy to help your business grow!


Show Notes

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