Episode 54 – How to Price Embroidery Work

May 31, 2017

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

You Will Learn

  • How to price embroidery work.
  • Power of using different pricing methods.

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Episode 54 – How to Price Embroidery Work

How much do I charge for _________?” is the #1 question we get from our embroidery customers and people in our Facebook Group. During this not-to-be-missed podcast, we spend an hour with an embroidery PRO breaking down different pricing methods, how and when to use each one.

Download the article here.

Show Notes

We’ve been working with embroidery businesses for years. In fact, Pantograms, where ColDesi got it’s start  also once ran a commercial embroidery business! Since then we’ve sold thousands of commercial single head emboidery machines, multi-head machines and helped launch just as many small businesses. The Avance 1501C 15 needle commercial embroidery machine is one of the most successul machines in the ColDesi lineup even today. 

How to Price Embroidery Work Quick Tips

There are really 2 ways you’ll find described in the podcast:

1. Keystoning – this is where you purchase the blank garment wholesale and then double the price to your cusotmer. Then add about $1/1K stiches

2. Market Pricing – surveying embroidery pricing in your area and basing your pricing on the most common formula

But these are VERY simplistic descriptions! Listen to learn more!






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