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Episode 165 – BN-20 vs Everything Else

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Read in-depth article clicking here:

ColDesi is in a unique position in the marketplace. Because we get people started in such a wide variety of businesses with so many different – and competing – kinds of technologies, we have to be advocates for each one. When fit the use case.

Basically, you tell us what you want to do and we’ll match you up with the equipment/software that we think is best.

But that conversation is often limited by what your initial interest was – what sparked your imagination and caused you to call in, etc. So we do things like that article and this podcast to educate, compare and lay out real pros and cons.

Do here we are going to compare the Roland BN-20 with it’s 2 biggest internal competitors, DigitalHeat FX and Sublimation:

First – Let’s Define each one:

Roland BN-20: Print and Cut

  • It’s a cutter
  • And an inkjet printer
  • Rolls of vinyl
  • HTV ++++
  • $6K-8K

DigitalHeat FX – White toner

  • LED/laser style printer that uses toner, not liquid ink
  • Sheet fed, not roll
  • Transfer system
  • $5K to $15K

Sublimation – Sawgrass

  • Inkjet printer
  • No white, so no dark substrates
  • Becomes part of the material
  • $600-2500

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