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  • How to hire an expert

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Episode 156 – How to Hire an Expert

Show Notes

How to hire an expert:

– Accountant CPA
– Business Consultant
– Ad Agency
– Marketing Guy
– Social Media Pro

Make sure you have a good reason to hire someone or a company.

First 3 things:

1. What problem are you solving? or What are you trying to accomplish?
2. Why are you hiring outside for this?
3. Statement of work/Job description

Choosing a Vendor:

1. Send each prospective vendor your SOW
2. Ask them to respond in writing how they can help
3. Ask them to say your SOW back to you (be sure they actually understand it)

Get referrals:

– Good reviews are great, but a referral from a successful business owner (your trust) is worth the most.


– How do you know you are getting a good deal?
– Get quotes from other companies
– Ask them to explain their value for their pricing

General tips for hiring contractors/companies/ outsourcing:

– Don’t let price dictate your decision. Expensive doesn’t equal good, and cheap doesn’t mean it’s the best value.
– The best salesperson doesn’t mean they offer the best service.
– Don’t get sucked into a contract right away, push for an opportunity to exit if they don’t meet your expectations.
– Never take the first price they offer.
– Where is the work done? On-shore, off-shore, their full-time employees?
– Make sure you like them!

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