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Hannah Rago & Jes Santiago

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  • How to record great looking videos
  • What equipment we are using for video recording

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Episode 155 – Hannah and Jes Making Videos

Show Notes

We all try to brainstorm together about what videos we need or think yall want to see, sometimes we ask!
We get blanks ordered and prepare artwork for the video. We have lots of equipment so we like to get artwork that is great for that process (example, embroidery = digitized logo, DigitalHeat FX = colorful graphic with negative space, sublimation = colorful photos and portraits) One common factor = LOTS OF COLOR

We do a test run which usually results in bloopers, we aren’t making t-shirts or sublimating mugs every day or even every week, so mistakes happen. We often do new things in our videos so we don’t have solid instructions to follow so trial and error happens.
We also experiment with different pieces of equipment which can alter the process. example – using the galaxy press instead of the hotronix, etc.

We have been saving bloopers and documenting mistakes, because ultimately they happen and any apparel decorator is going to have mistakes.

Currently using iPhone 11 pro
ring light and softbox light
lavalier mic that has a receiver that plugs into the phone
DJI osmo gimbal BUT I have been using a tripod more often when I know I won’t be moving around a lot

1. 90% of the time we shoot horizontal because we use one video in a ton of different places (youtube, social, websites)
2. BUT if making videos specifically for social, shoot vertical

Where our videos go:
Youtube is fun for creating a channel and gaining a following
Vimeo is a great place to home videos if you are adding them to your website or want to share links
Why share a Vimeo link and not a youtube link: Once someone lands on a youtube video you have no control. They will be shown other videos and ads. So most likely they are going to start clicking around and wont be watching your video for long.
Vimeo doesn’t have all that going on. They have a specific video screen and you can control what pops up on screen when your video is over.

Upload videos directly into social, vertical is best, quick clips, eye-catching footage, short
increase video engagement by asking question in the video post or just post something that encourages replies (opinions, need your help, what’s your favorite, what do you want to see next, etc.)

Adobe Premiere (advanced)
Final cut (advanced – mac)

Common mistakes:
Poor audio

So hopefully if you were curious about how we produce our videos we answered some of your questions and hopefully this encouraged you to start taking some videos of your work, show face, add a personality to your business.

This has been Hannah Rago and Jes Santiago

And as Mark likes to say have a great business!


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