Episode 148 – Your Best Year Ever 2021

Dec 24, 2020

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

You Will Learn

  • What’s going to trend in 2021
  • Why 2021 is going to be the best year for custom product, apparel and embroidery businesses

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Episode 148 – Your Best Year Ever 2021

Show Notes

As a small customization business are you poised to have your greatest year ever in 2021. In this episode, we will discuss WHY this is true and HOW to make it work for you.

Trends stack the cards in your favor.

What do we expect to trend in 2021:

1. Working remotely – 42% of the US workforce is working remotely now (Stanford University Study) – Many businesses will bring employees back in in 2021, but many will not. (it saves them money, they might see more efficiency, etc etc)

2. Small shopping – it’s VERY cool to shop and support small businesses (59% of consumers surveyed in Salesforce’s report would rather buy from a small business than a large corporation)

3. Largest online sales ever – online sales are surging for all the obvious reasons. Its been growing year over year for 20 years and this year creating a new shift.

4. Social Media – Love it or hate it, social media is still growing and being adopted in all age ranges from kids to boomers.

How do these trends specifically mean a customization business like yours will thrive?

Working remotely:

– You CAN work remotely. Unless you have very large industrial equipment most things ColDesi sells can fit through a regular doorway and plug into a regular 110 outlet. Your staff can operate your equipment from various locations, or if you are a home-based business you might have already been working from home!

– There will be a new standard for looking good on camera for companies in 2021. Fine during the spring/summer of 2020 it was fine for business people to show up to video meetings in ball caps, messy bun hair or their Sunday PJs look. However, that is shifting. More businesses want their staff to look good on camera. THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN. – Market ‘uniforms’ for working at home. Company logo hats, embroidered polos, logo mugs, etc. Anything that is ‘on camera’ is a branding tool. Even logo signs they can hang up in the background.

Small Shopping:

– People are loving helping their community. Buying from small businesses, eating from local farms, drinking local beer, eating at locally owned restaurants. YOU ARE A LOCALLY OWNED SMALL BUSINESS. This is your time to advertise locally, get your google maps set, attend any local events, etc. Be sure to let everyone know when they buy a shirt from you, they are helping someone in their community.

– Build new local relationships – when you eat at a local restaurant, let them know you are a local embroidery shop. When you shop at a locally owned hardware store, let them know you make custom aprons. Build these relationships. Join local business owner groups, etc.

Largest Online Sales Ever:

– Online sales always grow and 2021 will be a new record. SO GET ONLINE. How? Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, your own website, forums. Make it easy for people to buy online.

– Sure up your remote selling capabilities. Get an app so people can pay invoices on their phone. Have a way for people to interact with you via text/DM. Clean up your email signature, re-check how your emails and pages look on mobile, ask for feedback.

Social Media:

– Get on there in any creative way possible. Share the best work you do. Share customer testimonials. Share videos of your work. You don’t need to act like an influencer, give motivational talks or make jokes. Just share what you do and what people think of you. Remember that it’s not about likes, it’s about when BUYERS look you up, the impression they get.

– Join groups – Facebook, linked in, online forums. Be active and drop your business name or links when you can (and when allowed) – Also be an expert without the need for a sale.

– Like, follow, and interact with others. If you sell car t-shirts, follow car people. Comment, like, and share their stuff. Eventually, this can lead to a relationship or sales. (“hey, interested in a t-shirt business partnership” “yea, I know you, we interact on my posts all the time”)

Special Note about Maps and GMB:
Google continues to focus more and more on Local search and is expanding what Google Maps means and does as a result.

2 big new changes are:

– Community Feeds – like a running blog post with user comments
– Messaging in Maps

2021 is really a great opportunity for the small customization business.
People want to feel connected to where they shop, they are navigating a world that changed quickly on them and if you help them adapt, you win.

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