Episode 144 – CAS MiniCast: A LOT of Assembly Required

Nov 4, 2020

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Mark Stephenson

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  • How to learn new things
  • How to learn new equipment
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Episode 144 – CAS MiniCast: A LOT of Assembly Required

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During today’s MiniCast I’m going to talk about how you approach learning new things, new equipment, making new products to sell – and the lessons I learned doing home improvement this weekend.

The last few weekends have been focused on home improvement – which is what happens around Halloween after your kids move out.

Part 1: Assembly REQUIRED

Part of those projects was assembling and installing this new entertainment center – if you’re watching the video recording you’ll see a picture.

It was all unexpectedly difficult. And that made me think of all of you.

First: The instructions for this RTA thing were awful. And parts weren’t labeled. My wife and are RTA PROFESSIONALS, but we still went through a solid day of “oh, that’s backwards, let’s take it all apart again”.

There were no IKEA style pictures that were clear enough to help. No handy assembly videos. Noone to call and ask questions. And like I said, even though we are PROS at this, a few nudges from someone that had assembled this thing before would have saved HOURS in just getting set up.

I thought of all of you out there that get a DTG Printer, Embroidery Machine on White Toner printer system like the DigitalHeat FX and:

  1. Try to set up yourself – after all, you have experience
  2. Look for advice or info on YouTube and find it – old, unqualified, etc. or find nothing
  3. Because you either didn’t buy it from us or haven’t done the training


Part 2: NEXT time it will be so much EASIER

This entertainment center had 3 pieces – and one of them is basically a bookcase mounted about 4′ off the floor.

It’s freakin’ heavy. And it’s just my wife and I doing the install. No handy rail mounts. Just 2 places to put screws to mount to the wall.

While we held it up in the air with one hand and tried to screw in with the other.

And I was terrified this thing would fall down in the middle of the night.

Oh, and did I mention – stud was in the wrong place.

So we did what anyone would do – googled heavy duty drywall screws and toggle bolts. Went to Home Depot and bought a few of each kind.

We realized the space behind the wall was more shallow than most when we broke the special-heavy-duty mounting things against the inside of the exterior cinder block wall…

And we failed, and failed again, and then we figured it out – you’ll have to listen to find out how we did it – but in the end it took us about 15 or 20 minutes for a pretty easy installation.

And it’s the same for YOU and your business. Your new equipment and your new product or process.

Listen to this short episode for more.

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