Episode 140 – Financial Questions Answered

Oct 6, 2020

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

Jason Fuchs

You Will Learn

  • What are business loan options for small businesses
  • When to use credit and cash for large purchases 
  • How to plan for retirement

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Episode 140 – Financial Questions Answered

Show Notes

Jason Fuchs https://www.sagepathfa.com/ is a Financial Advisor that specializes in small businesses – and entrepreneurs just like you.

And he’s here with some of the answers to questions that we get all the time.. about insurance, retirement and the personal “money” side of the customization business.

People most wanted to learn about:

  1. Small business loan options – When to pay Cash, When to Borrow and When to Wait
  2. Using credit vs cash for large purchases
  3. Getting Set up right from the beginning
  4. Planning for retirement for small business

Resources and recommendations from this podcast:

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