Episode 116 – Working On Your Master Plan For 2020

Jan 21, 2020

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Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

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  • How to grow your business in 2020

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Episode 116 – Working On Your Master Plan For 2020

Show Notes

It’s 2020. You are still in business. You made it.

What’s next? How will you do better?

1. Do More of what works
2. Spend more on what works
3. Do new things

1. Look at your 2019 review. And determine how to spend more time replicating that.

Can you go to more events? Can you meet more people? Join more groups? Ask for more referrals? Go on more sales calls?

The big question: do you have the time and/or will to do this?

2. If you had paid ads… spending more.

If you paid to attend 2 markets, can you pay to go to more?

Can you pay for more space at a market?

Can you pay someone to go for you? Or hire someone to go with you?

If word of mouth works, then you can get promotional items, or wrap your car.

The money investment logically pays off cause you know it works.

3. It is a bit of both… spend time and money.

This is a new area of opportunity for your business.

Are you too new in the business to know what works for you? You have to start somewhere, be sure to track results.

Have you tried other things but looking to expand to something new? Ideas…

Local markets
trade show events – get a booth at an event to sell apparel, or sell your custom apparel services
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc ads
Google search ads
Waze / Google / Apple Maps
Advertise at local schools/parks
Get out and sell – get in the car and visit local businesses to introduce
Join groups – meetup.com, chamber of commerce, SBA, BNI, etc.

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