Episode 111 – Evaluating New Products & How to Tell It’s Time to Change

Nov 27, 2019

This Episode

Mark Stephenson

Mark Biletnikoff

You Will Learn

  • When to replace your equipment 
  • How to evaluate new equipment

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Episode 111 – Evaluating New Products & How to Tell It’s Time to Change

Show Notes

Mark S. : This is Mark B. from Contract-DTG. If you didn’t hear him before on Episode 86 then make sure to listen to it here: https://customapparelstartups.com/episode-86/

Mark is the owner of 3 different custom t-shirt businesses that do everything from large contract work – with orders of 1,000 DTG printer pretty common (http://contract-dtg.com), all the way to the typical 1-6 shirts that many smaller shops do (http://fat-tees.com).

During this episode we’re going to ask Mark to walk us through 3 questions that many growing custom t-shirt businesses have:

#1: How do you know when it’s time to REPLACE a piece of equipment?

You’ll hear how Mark tracks escalating maintenance, part availability and more to figure out when it makes sense to say goodbye to a current piece of hardware.

#2: When should you change or upgrade to a BETTER system?

Hear his story about how he decided to go to replace a perfectly good manual screen print press with an automatic and how you might apply that same logic to what’s next.

#3: How do you evaluate NEW equipment?

Mark has a busy shop and he is a VERY technical, hands on equipment owner, so various manufacturers have asked him to test drive their new products. Learn what he looks for and see what makes sense for your business.

[Hint: it includes speed, quality and consumables cost]

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