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This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

You Will Learn

  • Grow your home based business
  • How to define and amplify your niche
  • Expand your product line
  • How to partner with other businesses

Resources & Links

Episode 85 – 12 Steps to Grow Your Home Based Business

Show Notes

Learn these 12 Steps and grow your home-based business.
  1. Start thinking about it and treating it like a business
  2. Evaluate your profitability
  3. Look at your equipment
  4. Define and Amplify your Niche… who do you sell to now? DO more of that.. Shirts for sales teams. Dance and Cheer. no effort into anything else
  5. Dig deeper into current customers … call to ask for more business, ask what else they do/order
  6. Then expand product lines to match where you can…. koozies, bags, promotional items
  7. Create a solid referral plan – find a way for customers to refer you, ask for referrals, give out coupon codes, etc
  8. Live Social – BNI, Chamber of commerce, charity groups, church groups, sports clubs, car clubs
  9. Go online – build a web store and get your customers visiting. pick products your “niche” might buy and push to them via email / flyers / word of mouth
  10. Partner with other businesses – you don’t sell signs? partner with a sign company. award company, paper printer
  11. Hire freelancers – get people to write for your website, send emails for you, do accounting, do art (even work with your kids, spouse, etc)
  12. Expand your niche to a second market… repeat first steps
Another great tip to grow your business: Listen to Episodes 29-31 – How to make more money next month

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