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Episode 82 – Lessons Your Kids Can Teach You About Owning a Business

Sep 19, 2018

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

You Will Learn

  • How to learn from kids
  • How to master the power of habits
  • How to ask great questions to improve your sales
  • How curiosity can help your business grow

Resources & Links

Episode 82 – Lessons Your Kids Can Teach You About Owning a Business

Show Notes

They are relentless – ever see a kid play a video game 100 times in a night to beat it. Will swing a bat outside for hours. Practice dance moves all morning. Don’t give up on your business.

Creatures of habit – every night it’s bath, brush teeth, read a book, bed. Ever try to take a kid out of routine? Get them to use a different sipping cup cause theirs is dirty. Do you have daily routines for business?

Resist change, but adapt quickly – you can do the same. Be conservative in your operations but when it’s time to change. Embrace it.

If they want something they ask, and ask and ask – toy, stay up late, candy. Do you do this for sales / business ?

They know how to be cute – ever see a kid put on those sweet eyes and stick out bottom lip? They know how to butter up their parents to get what they want. Do you know how to put on a smile and be a good face for your business?

They get over things – a kid can go from crying about a broken toy to laughing and playing in 5 minutes. They don’t hold grudges. However, adults can allow a single bad event to ruin their entire day … and affect their business / sales / production.

Make best friends in 5 minutes – Kid goes to a park, plays with another for 5 min. Now they are best friends. You should be personable and meet people. Remember them and be remembered.

Extremely curious – if they see something new, they want to know about it. They will just watch an ant pile for 30 min. Do you strive to seek out new ideas?

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