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Episode 80 – How to Get Big Accounts [when opportunity knocks for a big deal]

Aug 15, 2018

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

You Will Learn

  • How to close a deal with BIG company
  • How to deal with multiple decision makers
  • How to persuade people to work with you and not your competitors

Resources & Links

Episode 80 – How to Get Big Accounts [when opportunity knocks for a big deal]

Show Notes

When the phone rings or the email comes in from your typical customer;
– Local Cheer Squad
– High School Principal
– Small Business Owner

.. you know that 9 times out of ten you’re talking to the person that makes the decision. If this person likes you, what you have to sell and your pricing.

What happens when a big company calls and many more people might be involved in the decision. Consider the below questions to ask:

How are you going to make the decision on which company to go with?

What’s most important to you?
– Quality
– Delivery speed
– Price
– Reliability

How are you doing this now? Where are you getting this now?

Why are you making a change (if it applies)?

Is there already a house favorite? Who else are you considering?

How does the decision making process work?

Who makes the final call?
– Purchasing
– President
– Production manager

Other than a good price, what do you need from me to help make that decision?

When will a decision be made?

Tip: Get all the stakeholders involved as early as possible
Tip: Get all the information FIRST, then quote
Tip: Ask the “house favorite” question – remember, this person may be just trying to justify going with HIS/HER favorite and you need to find that out to change their minds.
Tip: This may be a long process – always schedule a time to follow up after every stage

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