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Episode 79 – Constructing the perfect Facebook post… then boost it!

Jul 31, 2018

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

You Will Learn

  • How to construct a perfect Facebook post
  • How to get more engagement
  • How to boost your post and reach more people

Resources & Links

Episode 79 – Constructing the perfect Facebook post… then boost it!

Show Notes

Facebook is one of the best tools for business. Listen to this episode when Marc and Mark break down constructing the perfect Facebook post!

1. Plan it – this doesn’t have to be formal or long, but before you post. Determine a purpose for your post. I would categorize them:
Promotional – you are straight up selling something. Buy this, call me to buy, get a quote, buy online
Social Proof – This builds trust for people who will visit or follow you. Reviews from customers, pics of your apparel at events, shaking hands with the mayor, pics of your t-shirts at a soccer game, pics of a Family Reunion
Content Sharing – pics of your work, videos of your machine running
Story Telling – tell a success story, share a customers story, share a story of success

2. Ask for Engagement
A great tip is to ask people to comment, share and engage with your posts. Ask questions “Which shirt do you like better the red or blue?” “Help me pick art A or B” Engagement increases how frequent and how many people social media platforms will share to.

3. Include photos and links
Photos and video are huge in social. It’s always what gets the best engagement and offers the best chance for success.

4. Brief but interesting and engaging
There are plenty of reasons to have a REALLY LONG post on facebook, but the most successful posts are often short. 1-3 sentences, something people can read in literally 1 second and decide to engage or not. Think about your posts, write down ideas. Its fine to post on the fly, but if you have to write down a lists of posts and how you would word them.

5. Make it feel real and relevant
Posts should feel authentic and full of life. They should represent the personality of you or your business. Poor quality pictures, poorly written text or posts that seem disingenuous won’t go far nor be worth your time.

After you have crafted the perfect post… make it live. Then in a week or so, go to your Facebook Business page and look at the Insights. This will let you know how the post did. How many people liked, shared, clicked, watch video etc. In the beginning, this could be disheartening…. especially when you get 5 views and 1 like. However, don’t let it get you down, time will make things better as long as you are creating quality content.

Finally, one way to increase post engagement and gain followers is via the BOOST. Facebook will ask if you want to boost the post. You can then choose who you want to receive the boost (followers, followers and their friends, etc) Don’t dump a ton of money into boosts, but when you have a post you are really excited about and could drive some business to you, put a $20 into it and see how it works for you.

Just like anything else practice makes perfect.

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