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Episode 75 – Content Marketing – The Groundwork for Future Sales

May 2, 2018

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

You Will Learn

  • What is Content Marketing and why it’s important
  • Just how long your content needs to be
  • How you can re purpose ONE topic into lots of content

Resources & Links

Episode 75 – Content Marketing – The Groundwork for Future Sales

Show Notes

How a small business can get the most out of content marketing:

1. Use it to drive search to your website / FB page / Google Page, etc
– searching on google for tampa t-shirt companies, embroidery, etc…. various pages that show up are FB pages. Be sure yours has images, videos and written content. Give you credibility.
– Yelp and google business pages are also going to come up on the top. Write a great description of yourself.
– if you have a website be sure to have posts, pages, etc that will help google know you are a local business and what you do. E.g. embroidery , t-shirt printing in tampa, florida. etc.

2. Content builds trust.
– when you have pics, videos, articles, etc. it shows you care about your business and what you create. People need to trust you to provide the custom apparel they need.
– can also be proofs that you do great work. Impress people who are browsing you online.

3. Reviews can be great content marketing too
– not only asking your customers to leave good reviews, but also commenting when people review you. Reply to reviews whenever possible. FB, google, yelp, etc. Even if just thanking them for leaving a good review.

4. User Generated Content (UGC) – ask your customers to create content for you.
– please post to my FB page with a company photo
– can you send me a pic with all the kids wearing the shirts? is it ok if i post to social media and my website?
– interview your customers and write it up… include pics or a video. help show others what its like to work with you.

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