Episode 58 – The Trick to Selling More | Great Ad Design

Aug 9, 2017

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

You Will Learn

  • How to design effective advertising.
  • Best applications for landing page creation.

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Episode 58 – The Trick to Selling More | Great Ad Design

Warning: Information Packed Podcast

You will have to take notes for this information packed podcast to have an impact on your bottom line! Designing effective advertising that will result in sales and not in disappointment is a process starts way before you make that t-shirt design before you take the picture of your product for sale and WAY before you write a check for showing that ad to the public.

We mention a few different applications in the podcast for creating great landing pages – these are for reference only and probably won’t make any sense until AFTER you listen, so no cheating and clicking before you do! Neither is inexpensive, but both are great for the application and have free trials available. LeadPages is one that ColDesi uses now.

LeadPages Landing Page Software


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Show Notes

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