Episode 145 – Pay Attention to What’s Happening Now

Nov 11, 2020

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Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

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  • How to grow your business next year

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Episode 145 – Pay Attention to What’s Happening Now

Show Notes

It’s time to start getting ready for 2021 – Most businesses use these last 3 months of the year (Q4) to start choosing their goals, deciding what targets they want to hit, new markets they’ll text – listing out their business plans for the next year.

But we know THIS is the busy season for many of you! So the best way you can start prepping for next year is to take time each day to pay attention to the slightly bigger picture of what’s happening NOW in your business.

So you can use that perspective and experiencing this busy season to better take advantage of the next.

Here are a few things to take note of, and set aside for planning next year:

1. What’s wasting your time? Every year you probably take orders for the same kinds of things that you know just take WAAAY too long to do. The way you know that is by looking at how much you’re charging for everything, how long it takes you, and what it all costs in materials. But really – you probably kind of FEEL it right now anyway…

– Custom stockings?

– Table runners

– Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations?

2. What Customers are NOT worth it? You can really tell who your best and worst customers are when you’re super busy.

– Are you DREADING someone’s phone call?

– Do you already know they’re going to complain?

– Do you end up with high return rates and low customer satisfaction consistently from one or two businesses?

3. What do you LOVE making right now? Look at all the business coming in the past 30 days – which ones do you want to do FIRST? Which kinds of activities get you excited about starting work?

4. What has made you, or IS making you, the most PROFIT?

– Are you pumping out left chest t-shirt logos with a DigitalHeat FX printer and making tons of money from it?

– Is making a big custom one off project, like a jacket or holiday decoration paying you better than anything else?

– What customers is keeping your mortgage money coming in because every job is so profitable for you?

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