Episode 133 – Open Yourself Up For Business

Aug 6, 2020

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Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

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  • How to open yourself up for business

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Episode 133 – Open Yourself Up For Business

Show Notes

One of the problems people have about opening their small business is being shy about it.

You have to tell everyone
There is a thing where people are scared to share that they are starting (or started) a new business. This might be because:
– Fear of ridicule.. aka that’s a bad idea.
– Fear of looking like a failure – next year you aren’t in the business
– Fear of not being good enough – do work for them and they don’t like it
– You HAVE to tell everyone. Nothing wrong with failure, nothing wrong with making mistakes and don’t let naysayers control you

Stop being camera shy
– Take videos of yourself
– Take videos of your work
– Take pictures, smile
– Post online
– Get in pictures with people

Get on social media, even if you don’t love it
– Insta, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn
– Will help you make money
– You don’t have to be a pro or have 10000 followers.
– Get on there, post pics, thank people for replies
– Give potential customers a place to go to look at your work and business
– Good for SEO

Don’t be scared to fail… get back on the horse if you fall
– Its easier to do nothing and think ‘what if’ … than it is to try hard and fail.
– You have to give it the 1000% effort or you won’t make it
– If you do fail at first try again. Failure is ONLY when you give up. Not when you make mistakes or learn lessons

You may start off with a bang, or slow… both are great and both suck
– You may start talking about your business, then 3 months later someone asks “hows it going” and it still kinda sucks. Don’t feel bad about it, keep going.
– You may start talking about your business, then nail 3 huge clients. Now you are in the weeds, going crazy. You will get out of the weeds.
– Both of these scenarios have pros along with the cons.
– If it’s slow you get to perfect your craft, business, pitch, website.
– If its busy you will make cash, but stress about it.

Ask for referrals
– Part of getting out there is asking for referrals.
– People get scared to ask for a referral. Just get used to it though and it will be easy.
– If you talk about your biz and the person you are talking to might not be a customer just say “hey I am trying to grow this thing, it’s new. know anyone?

Getting out there is how you win. You don’t go in the kitchen without getting some burns and you also don’t make any food.

People who succeed the best get out there. I remember one customer talking about keeping spangle samples in her purse…. then wear a t-shirt. If a person said, ‘hey nice shirt’…. she would hand them a sample and a card.

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