Episode 113 – Writing That Sells

Dec 12, 2019

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Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

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  • How to write great copy

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Episode 113 – Writing That Sells

Show Notes

Writing will captivate the attention of your customers and win you sales. You got into this business to be the best at what you do. You mastered the art of production, you’ve worked on your sales process, you are even doing your best to get found online.

Putting together great copy (writing) will show the world the true custom apparel professional you are.

When will you need to write? ALWAYS. EVERYWHERE.

– Website copy
– Sales emails
– Promotional emails
– Social posts
– Business descriptions (google, FB, etc)
– Text messages
– Print ads
– Store signage
– Job Bids

Why does it matter?

People cannot pay attention to everything. Your brain filters out 99+% of everything you see. How many people read all of your website, or all of an article, or your entire quote? Almost none.

People need to get their attention captured and HELD.

If someone is searching online for a t-shirt printer or sifting through quotes they got on a job, great writing will help you win more than the competition. They stop on your page, they stay on your website, they keep looking back at your proposal.

Here are some great tips for putting together a great copy.

Help them see the vision.

Simply stating that you make great custom t-shirts and embroidery isn’t enough. These are just abstract thoughts, you don’t see anything. Incorporate detailed descriptions, personal stories, experiences of past customers. When someone reads what you’ve written…. they should be able to close their eyes and see something.

For example:

Our embroidery shop opened in 2018 and we have been satisfying customers all over the area. Our great reviews show that we are the #1 choice for your custom hats, shirts, jackets and more.

not bad… but…

You want great looking custom apparel. We understand embroidery is more than just a logo on a polo shirt. Your team wants to show up on the field looking amazing, your business wants to impress its clients and your mom deserves an amazing looking handbag. Our embroidery business started in 2018 with a vision to put a smile on every customers face (and our reviews show it!)

Make it personal.

When your customers read an email from you, they want to feel they are important. Don’t just copy/paste and email…. write a message for them whenever possible.

For example:

GET A FREE Shirt – Buy 4 get 1 free on all printed logos or a free hat with every 10 embroidery shirts.

not bad but.

Hi Carl,

It was great to do business with you this past summer, thank you again. I want to let you know about a year-end special we have: Get a Free Shirt – Buy 4 get 1 free on all printed logos or a free hat with every 10 embroidery shirts.

Capture attention

Use words to capture attention. This is huge for email subject lines, headlines of ads, social posts.

You don’t get a second chance often. if someone is scrolling through facebook they will most likely miss your post. If they are reading emails, they will probably skip over yours. You have to put yourself in their shoes… what will capture their attention.


T-shirt we made for the local Busy Bee Breakfast House

not bad but…

Holy Pancakes and Bacon check out this awesome shirt we made for the Busy Bee Breakfast House.

Follow good formatting

You should create a standard format you use for everything you write. In categories.

– Social posts
– Emails
– Online Ads
– Print Ads
– Website Articles

This format aligns with how you write, your brand and your business personality.

This could be a good time to start some continuing education. Take a course for writing online, watch videos, go to blogs, pay attention to what big brands are doing.

Ultimately writing great copy is just a big win for you. Too many small business owners just throw something together and don’t ever look at it again. You can beat them every time if you pay attention to your words and always improve how you write.

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