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Episode 117 – Prioritizing Your Marketing Dollars

Feb 7, 2020

This Episode

Mark Stephenson & Marc Vila

You Will Learn

  • How to prioritize marketing dollars

Resources & Links

Episode 117 – Prioritizing Your Marketing Dollars

Show Notes

1. Perfect basic online presence
– Google my business, bing, facebook (technical set up)

2. Perfect your ecom or online showroom (if have one)
– Images
– Nothing broken
– Technically correct and optimized (https, ssl, etc)
– Emails / auto responders set up
– Google analytics
– HIRE SOMEONE (that you aren’t related to)

3. Physical Marketing Collateral
– Business cards
– Brochures
– Samples! – if you don’t have some, get some
this means, have sample shirts or hats or something you are willing to give away and a show of what you can do and a freebie.
– Signage if you to shows
– “Uniform” yourself and any staff (upgrade them if they stink)

4. Prepare to test ad strategies (2020 might be all testing for you)
– Divide up cash
– Facebook / google local
– New show / bigger booth
– Local ads (schools, youth sports, sponsorship, chamber of commerce, meet up) (which one of these would work best for me)
– Pick at least 3 different things to test

5. Invest in new products
– Try new products to introduce. (this isn’t just a new shirt style)
– Get a cutter / vinyl
– Contract out t-shirt printing – DTG printing, wholesale toner transfers
– Caps (if you don’t do them – get a press)
– Embroidery or t-shirt printing (if you don’t do them wholesale or invest in equipment)

6. Make your delivery as best it can be
– Branded boxes
– Tags
– Hang tags
– Packing slips
– Freebees

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